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For you and your suppliers.

How does SiRP work?

SiRP is your supply chain control tower in the form of a supplier relationship platform (SRM). Your procurement team can manage deliveries, communicate changes in order book and track performances in one place.
Purchase order acknowledgement

SiRP ensures that all the new POs and updated POs are acknowledged by your supplier. Any changes (i.e: dates, volume) will also be highlighted for acceptance.

Order book tracking and shortages alert

All delivery lines are tracked throughout their lifecycle and Request for Updates are sent at intervals to reduce risk of shortages.

Performance and Spend Analysis

Have better clarity over your spend and the performance of your suppliers. Share performances at all times and incentivize top perfoming suppliers.

How to get started?

Drag and Drop your order book from your ERP directly on SiRP. That's it.
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Gain more control on your supply chain.